What are the best Music Apps for Android

Music is the soul for many. It gives immense pleasure to mind and many people use it as a mind therapy. Whenever you feel to listen online music on your android device, you start searching for the best music app for it. However, you don't know which one you should select for it. 
In this article, i am going to let you know that which is the best android music app is best for you.  

Don't think twice and start reading this article right away. 

Best music apps for android 

I'm sharing the best apps for you which you will love for sure. 


It's an awesome app which let you listen the most latest songs on the fingertips. You can arrange your favorite songs in a playlist and listen them whenever you want. I will suggest you taking the premium version of this app to get all the features. IF you want to get the spotify premium then get it asap and enjoy the music at everywhere and every time. 

2. GAANA: 

This is an awesome app to listen the music. IT is giving a big competition to the rival apps. Many times you have seen the advertisement of this app. Many of my friends use this app and when I asked them which app do you use to listen music on your android phone? then he said I use the Gaana app. The app is awesome as you can check here the most latest songs in any genre. 


 IT is getting popularity at very fast speed. You can see the latest chart buster on the home of this app. When you start this app, it shows the latest songs in english style. Download this app and listen your favorite music instantly. 

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